Working Mom Blog – Starting Daycare

Working Mom Blog – Starting Daycare

I can’t believe my baby is over a year old now. With the 1st year Birthday Party in November at the same time as starting daycare, doing interviews, getting a new job and going to work, then Christmas in December, it has been a very busy couple of months. My next post will be on all the planning and preparation for the 1st Birthday Party.

Mom and baby

Going Back to Work

At first, it was really hard to go back to work. I didn’t want to leave my baby. At the same time, I felt lazy and unproductive when I was at home. I never pictured myself as a housewife, and I really don’t like cleaning and cooking every day. I used to like shopping when I was younger, but I don’t even enjoy that anymore.

At home, it was hard for me to feel motivated. Let’s just say, I watched a lot of tv and ate a lot of chocolate to keep myself sane. That also means that I did not lose as much weight as I had hoped I would. The best thing I did for myself was that two months before I went back to work, I went to a Crossfit Bootcamp and lost over 10lbs with the rigorous weight training exercises and made sure to eat better.

I was really surprised at how hard it was emotionally for myself to let him go to daycare. Not only did I give birth to this little creature after labouring for over 30 hours, held him almost non-stop in the fourth trimester and nursed him at all hours, I also took care of him for 12 months from morning to night. From strict nap and feeding schedules, diaper changes, learning new skills like crawling and being his sole source of entertainment, I know everything about him. Now he was going to be with strangers who would be taking care of him all day and I would only be able to spend a little time with him each night before he went to bed. It made me sad and very teary for weeks leading up to the big day.

Back at work though, I felt liberated. Adjusting to waking up earlier and my new schedule wasn’t easy, but I got used to it after a couple of weeks. Now I had some time for myself and to talk to other adults.

Baby playing with toy bus

Starting Daycare

Starting daycare was hard. I wanted a 2 week transition period, 2 days the first week, and 3 days the second week so that he had time to adjust to the new schedule. He would also have time to get sick and recover because I read so many stories about kids getting sick when they start school or daycare. I’m glad that I did the slow transition because he did get sick after a few days.

What worried me the most was the sleep schedule. He was used to having 2 naps at least, but the daycare schedule is only 1 nap, which I was not happy about. At 12 months, babies need 2 naps during the day but he adjusted and I found a way to give him a second nap right when he gets home from daycare that sort of makes up for it and allows me to spend a bit more time with him at night.

The first time I took him to daycare, we only stayed for a bit of the morning routine and he went outside with the other kids during their 1 hour outdoor playtime. I stayed with him the whole time and saw how excited he was to play with the other kids. Most of the other kids were walking and he was still crawling so he almost got trampled a few times, but he was happy. It was clear to me that I was making a good decision for him, despite the guilt brewing in the pit of my stomach.

Most mornings when I dropped him off the first few weeks, he was perfectly fine when I put him down in the room. Afterwards, he started to understand and would cry as soon as I put him down. It was very distressful. But as soon as I left the room, I would wait a moment and hear that he had stopped crying immediately. The daycare worker also assured me that he stopped crying after I left every time.

Sick baby

First Cold

He was excited to go to daycare for the next few weeks. Yes, he did catch a little cold but then it went away so I thought we were in the clear. Boy, was I wrong. My poor baby has been sick since starting daycare to this day. He has had several fevers, a constant runny nose, an ear infection with two courses of antibiotics and an eye infection. I’m lucky that I haven’t had to take too many days off of work, as my husband and mother-in-law also pitched in for a combined effort.

I’m just happy that he was feeling okay on his birthday party and the day I had scheduled for his cake smash photo shoot because those turned out aaa-mazing.

Harry Potter photo shoot

What sucks is that my husband and I have also gotten sick, including ear infections, and I thought that I had a great immune system since I haven’t been sick in years. I haven’t been able to breathe through my nostrils in days, but I digress.

What I’m worried about are the antibiotics that my baby has had to take. I feel like I did so much hard work to breastfeed my baby to assist his immune system and now it doesn’t matter because the antibiotics killed all of that awesome bacteria in his gut. I’m not done reading this book, but The Good Gut is a great read and teaching me what to do to rebuild the good gut bacteria which in turn helps the immune system, and there seems to be more to it than just probiotics.

Since he had to spend so many days at home, I know he is missing his friends at daycare because when I ask him about it, he babbles excitedly and happily. I like knowing that he is making friends, learning new things, and enjoys going because it is definitely not cheap.

Working from Home

Since my current job is a short-term contract, in-between searching and applying for new jobs, I am also looking at work from home jobs and working on my writing. It has to be something that is super flexible to fit my schedule. I haven’t even found time to go to the gym and exercise yet so that is something else I have to do. So far I have:

  • Kept all of the decorations that I made for my wedding and planned to rent or sell them, but that was over two years ago and I haven’t done either so that idea did not work as planned, though I should’ve tried marketing it more.
  • Written three children’s books and plan to write more. Just trying to figure out how to get it illustrated and the distribution.
  • Applied to VIPKid for online teaching but was not approved at the very last stage (it’s not as easy as it seems).
  • Now I signed up for Instacart, hopefully, I will be able to make some side cash delivering groceries, whenever I’m in the mood to do so.

Not sure what else I can try to do since most things I have researched always seem to have some sort of “catch”. I always thought voice acting would be interesting but I don’t like anything where I have to pay upfront and hope for the best.

Please let me know what you think about this post and about your experience starting daycare or staying at home below! 

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