How do I stop hiccups?

Hiccups will eventually go away on their own but especially if your baby needs to go to sleep, I recommend giving them gripe water. The dosage is indicated on the bottle according to age/weight.

When Should I Start Solids?

Your baby should start solids sometime between 4-6 months. Please talk to your doctor about the best time for your baby. For instance, my baby was not gaining much weight at 4 months and my doctor recommended I start him on cereals. Rice, Barley, then Oatmeal, waiting a few days in between. Many mommas opt to skip cereals, especially Rice cereal as it is constipating, but I chose to listen to my doctor. Start with 2 tablespoons and gradually increase to recommended serving on the box. If you choose to skip cereals, the best two foods to start are bananas or avocado.

What Do I Do if My Baby is Constipated?

If your baby has not had a bowel movement in 24 hours or if it is very thick and your baby is straining to push, then your baby is probably constipated. The first thing to do is offer water. 2-4 ounces of water should do the trick within a few hours. If nothing has happened by the next day, then you may want to give your baby prune juice, or if they are eating solids, you could buy baby food with prunes. Remember that most doctors think it is normal for a baby not to have a bowel movement for up to 7 days. If for some reason, your baby is still not going, I would schedule an appointment with your doctor before doing anything else.

Why Does My Baby Have Blood in Their Stool?

There could be several reasons for there to be blood in your baby’s stool. Likely, it will be an allergy/food intolerance. Stop eating dairy if you are breastfeeding or stop serving cheese/yogurt or other dairy products immediately and schedule an appointment with your doctor. If dairy is the culprit, going dairy free for 6-8 weeks may solve the issue. Try to serve dairy again and watch to see if the issue comes back within the next few days. If not, the dairy intolerance has passed on its own.


Do you have a question that isn’t covered above? Please e-mail me at info@canadianmama.ca and I’ll do my best to help out.